Job opportunities in the aerospace industry

Pacific Propeller is eager to assist with your efforts to join the aerospace industry.  Pacific Propeller do have multiple locations, but most of their hiring is done in order to fill positions at the Kent Location.  They currently have one opening at the Auburn location for a Calibration Technician / Technical Documentation Librarian.  They are … More


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List of massacres committed during the Eritrean War of Independence

The Eritrean War of Independence was fought as a guerrilla campaign by two main Eritrean liberation fronts, first by the Eritrean Liberation Front (ELF) and then, after the Eritrean Civil War, by the Eritrean People’s Liberation Front (EPLF) against the Imperial Army of the Ethiopian Empire, and later by the Marxist Derg. This asymmetrical campaign against Ethiopian control left the Army at a disadvantage and so it embarked on a policy of destroying Eritrean villages.[citation needed] It was hoped that this would prevent the separatists from continuing their campaign. Listed below are some of the major civilian massacres committed by both the Ethiopian Empire and the Derg.